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This machine has a stride length of 20 inches.

The most substantial benefits with this model are the convenience features, which do not always come with an elliptical in this price range. For starters, there is a built-in fan to ensure you stay cool during longer workouts and a built-in water bottle holder to prevent interruptions in workouts for hydration.

When you compare the e25 to other elliptical machines in the same price bracket, it is a clear stand-out.Just like many other products offered by Sole Fitness, their e25 elliptical has won a “Best Buy” award.

There are also some benefits to some of the design elements of this model. This is long enough to comfortably accommodate even taller users (those over 6 feet). In this article, we’ll examine the benefits and disadvantages of this aerobic fitness product.

This model runs rather smooth when compared with many other elliptical in the lower end of the market and it is suitable for users up to 325 pounds. While some consumer reviewers complain that the speaker quality is not top notch, it is a luxury to find a lower end cross-trainer with this feature included at all.

The blue backlit LED console is a decent size and offers basic feedback.

The e25 does come with the exceptional lifetime warranty on the frame, but has only 3 years on parts and electronics and 1 year on labor.

There is also a built-in MP3 player connection with a speaker system embedded in the console.

While this model does come with an incline capability of up to 30 degrees, it is not electronically controlled. The foot treads move forward as knitting machine well as backward and operate extremely quiet thanks to a superior quality drive system. The foot treads are designed to reduce stress on the knees and ankles, which comes from the typical angle of the pedals on most lower priced models.
. It is not as impressive or easy to read as other consoles on more advanced models, but it is satisfactory for the price range. This means the machine must be stopped so the user can manually lift the incline, which prevents changing this feature during the workout for interval training. It’s a well-made, budget-priced machine that offers many convenience and design features that stand out in this lower end of the market. This is an impressive offering for this lower price range of the market. That said; at higher speeds users in the heavier end of that weight range feel a slight lack of stability. It’s worth consideration if you’re looking for basic features and solid reliability

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